Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book my next Vacation with Cari Travels?

As a small business, I work with you to build traditional vacation packages, cruises, tours, and custom-tailored multi-component trips. My goal is to ensure you have the best service, experience, and pricing. I offer complimentary travel planning services, providing 100% customer support from consultation to completion of travel. I work with you to design custom-tailored multi-component trips and traditional vacation packages, tours, and cruises. The comfort and security of working directly with one person, instead of a 1-800 number should speak for itself!  Depending on the package, full payment may not be due at booking; unlike most travel websites.

How does this work?

It's very simple. First, you will need to complete the QUOTE link. Once I receive your submission, I will send you a link so I can collect your $100 non-refundable planning fee (you will receive a detailed email!). Upon payment, a follow up email will be sent reviewing your submission and asking any additional clarifying questions. Once we have further communication, a I start crafting your vacation and a proposal will be sent for you to review. We can make changes and modifications to tailor your trip to exactly what you want! After you are satisfied with the proposal we can start the deposit process and continue with any additional vacation details (adding tours, transfers, etc.) that are not already in the original proposal.

For international destinations (except for Caribbean or Mexican vacations) a phone or virtual conversation(s) is required. I am always happy to chat on the phone about any of your trips (once the non-refundable fee has been paid, of course)!

Why do you charge a non-refundable $100 fee?

Just as you expect to earn a paycheck for your work, so do I! I spent countless hours, days, weeks, and even months, putting together your dream vacation. We will have frequent communication via email, text, or phone going back and forth tailoring the trip to your preferences. Unfortunately, all too frequently, that effort is not utilized and you choose not to book with me. This means all of my hard work and effort - often spending hours on the phone - earns me $0. Typically, the pricing you might find by booking direct is the same as booking through me. There may be some instances when that is not the case, but when you book with me, you get personalized service and the ability to contact me directly, not some 1-800 number. If you do decide to book your Vacation with Cari Travels, that $100 is applied to your final payment - not in lieu of or as a payment towards the balance or deposit.

Why is travel insurance recommended?

2020 is a perfect reason why travel insurance was necessary. Travelers lost thousands of dollars due to COVID-19, which most vendors did not cover. Some received a refund, some a travel credit, but others were out the money entirely. While these were unusual circumstances, would you drive your car without insurance? How about health insurance? From Cancel for Any Reason options, to weather or mechanical issues, or health or work-related cancellations, travel protection can prove to be the best investment of your entire vacation. Most cruise lines and tour operators (Funjet Vacations, United Vacations, etc.) offer their own travel protection plans. There are plenty of 3rd party travel insurance companies, as well. You can also check with your credit card or personal insurance companies for coverage.

If I book with you and a promotion comes out, can you apply it?

If the promotion is valid for your package, I do everything I can do to make that happen!

Do you have a payment plan?

This depends on the vacation package, time-frame before travel, and promotion. You may have the ability to pay a deposit with the final payment due prior to departure (this varies by vendor). We can apply as many, or as few, individual payments as you need; though it is just as easy for you to save that money and pay the balance at one time.

Do you book air only?

I do not book air only. Airfare is only included with a vacation package (hotel, tours, etc.).

How do I pay for my vacation?

I use SECURE links to complete for passenger information, credit card authorization, and payment information. Your privacy and security is key!

I found a Groupon...

First let me say, I love Groupon. Groupon is great for restaurant discounts, spa treatments, date nights, and other such activities. I too have looked at the various vacation packages and thought, "wow, that's a great price!"...then see the fine print. Most Groupon prices are travel for one person (so you have to buy two packages, or pay a single supplement.) Typically, there are pre-set departure dates and airports. Hotels and transportation is also included, and may not be the type of service you are used to. Often you can adjust these to accommodate your needs, but there may be an additional cost. Want a/c in the summer? Or a hotel with an elevator? You may be out of luck! Need an automatic, when a manual is included? Extra cost.  Want ground transfers when you land? May have to book that separately. Looking for a phone number to call with a question? I tried to find one and couldn't! So, there you have it...take a look at the fine print for the inclusions and supplemental costs. Or you can work with me for your actual vacation needs!

Do you price match?

Price matching is a tricky thing. The packages must be EXACT. The flight numbers and times, hotel accommodations, and any additional features must be the same. You must provide me a screenshot of the package you are looking at, so I can submit it. If a package is price matched, it cannot be changed or adjusted at that matched price; nor can any additional promotions be applied. (I cannot price match Groupon - but I have beaten the package offerings!)