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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book my next Vacation with Cari Travels?

As a small business, I work with you to build traditional vacation packages, cruises, tours, and custom-tailored multi-component trips. My goal is to ensure you have the best service, experience, and pricing. I offer personalized travel planning services, providing 100% customer support from consultation to completion of travel. The comfort and security of working directly with one person, instead of a 1-800 number should speak for itself! 

How does this work?

It's very simple. First, you will need to complete the QUOTE link. Once I receive your submission, you will receive a PayPal invoice for a $100 non-refundable planning fee (other arrangements can be made if PayPal is not possible). Upon payment, an email will be sent reviewing your submission and asking any additional clarifying questions; after which I start crafting your vacation and a proposal will be sent for you to review. Any changes and modifications will be made prior to deposit. We can continue making updates as we progress in the planning process!

Why do you charge a non-refundable $100 fee?

Just as you expect to earn a paycheck for your work, so do I! I spend hours, days, weeks, and even months, putting together your dream vacation. Prior to deposit, we will have frequent communication via email, text, or phone to craft your trip. Unfortunately, all too frequently, people then decide not to book with me - often without notice. This means all of my hard work and effort earns me $0. If you book your Caribbean/Mexican Vacation with Cari Travels, that $100 is applied to your final payment - not in lieu of or as a payment towards the balance or deposit. For all other vacation destinations, that $100 is not applied towards any payment as the continual work throughout the planning process is extreme. 

Why is travel insurance recommended?

Would you drive your car without insurance? How about health insurance? Travelers have lost thousands of dollars without travel insurance. From cancelled flights and lost baggage, unexpected employment issues, and medical emergencies travel protection can prove to be the best investment of your entire vacation.

Do you have a payment plan?

This depends on the vendor, vacation package, time-frame before travel, and promotion. You may have the ability to pay a deposit with the final payment due prior to departure. We can apply as many, or as few, individual payments as you need or pay the balance at one time. Hint: keep a vacation savings fund so you don't worry about missing those payments!

Do you book air only? What if I need a passport or visa?

I do not book air only. Airfare is only included with a vacation package (hotel, tours, etc.). It is the travelers' responsibility to secure a passport and/or appropriate travel visas.

How do I pay for my vacation?

Upon deposit, you will receive a SECURE Client Portal for all your vacation information. You can upload your credit card information through that portal, which will notify me. Note: this does not charge your credit card. Your privacy and security is key!

I found a Groupon...

First let me say, I love Groupon. Groupon is great for restaurant discounts, spa treatments, date nights, and other such activities. I too have looked at the various vacation packages and thought, "wow, that's a great price!"...then read the fine print. Most Groupon prices are travel for one person (so you have to buy two packages, or pay a single supplement.) and are for are pre-set departure dates and airports. Hotels and transportation may be included, but may not be the type of service you are used to. Often you can adjust these to accommodate your needs, but there may be an additional cost. Want a/c in the summer? Or a hotel with an elevator? It'll cost you extra! Need an automatic, when a manual is included? Extra cost. Want ground transfers when you land? May have to book that separately. Looking for a phone number to call with a question? I tried to find one and couldn't! So, there you have it...take a look at the fine print for the inclusions and supplemental costs. Or you can work with me for your actual vacation needs!

Do you price match?

Price matching is a tricky thing. The packages must be EXACT. The flight numbers and times, hotel accommodations, and any additional features must be the same. You must provide me a screenshot of the package you are looking at, so I can submit it. If a package is price matched, it cannot be changed or adjusted at that matched price; nor can any additional promotions be applied. (I cannot price match Groupon - but I have beaten the package offerings!)

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